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Infrared Inspections to Structural Recertification

Expert Building Recertification & Engineering Solutions in Miami and Broward
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Quality Work Through Dedication

Welcome to Milton Cubas 1 P.E. LLC, where excellence meets innovation in civil engineering. Established in August 1997, we take pride in being a multi-faceted firm dedicated to fulfilling your building needs. Our team of professional Civil Engineers, Structural Engineers, and Software Engineers is committed to delivering high-quality services with a focus on client involvement and problem-solving.

Experience a seamless journey from Infrared Inspections to Structural Recertification with Milton Cubas 1 P.E. LLC. Proactive solutions ensuring safety, reliability, and compliance.

Infrared Thermography Inspection by Milton Cubas 1 P.E. LLC

Milton Cubas 1 P.E. LLC employs a systematic approach to guarantee precision in every Infrared Thermography Inspection, safeguarding your assets and ensuring optimal performance.

Electrical failures pose potential risks, and with the rapid generation of heat, the consequences can be severe—from fire hazards to costly disruptions. Our proactive solution lies in regular predictive maintenance, leveraging advanced infrared technology.

Benefits of Our Infrared Inspection:

40/50/60 Building Recertification

The 40-Year Certification is a mandatory requirement for buildings aged 40 years or older situated in Broward and Miami-Dade Counties. This critical process involves thorough inspection and recertification, repeated every 10 years after the building’s 40th anniversary, ensuring continued adherence to safety standards and codes.

Infrared Thermography Inspection

Explore cutting-edge inspections with our Infrared Thermography services, meeting new Florida county building requirements. State-certified, we bring over a decade of expertise to every thermography inspection, ensuring the integrity and efficiency of your structures.

Structural Inspection

Built on a foundation of structural design services, we specialize in certified structural inspections. With our commitment to excellence, we guarantee a comprehensive assessment of your property, offering insights rooted in our extensive knowledge and experience.

Building Recertification: Ensure Structural Safety

Our Building Recertification for structures aged 40, 50, or 60 years prioritizes safety. We meticulously inspect every facet, ensuring compliance with codes and preserving the structural integrity of your property.

Building Recertification: Preserving Heritage Structures

Our comprehensive Building Recertification not only adheres to current codes but also preserves the rich heritage of older structures. We prioritize safety to maintain a secure community environment.

Infrared Inspections: Proactive Equipment Maintenance

Opt for our Infrared Inspections to identify potential equipment issues and water intrusion before they escalate. Our Level II Certified Thermographers deliver non-destructive, efficient solutions for preventive maintenance.

Infrared Inspections: Early Detection, Lower Costs

Our Infrared Inspections efficiently detect abnormal temperature patterns in electrical and mechanical systems, preventing serious issues. Early identification translates to cost-effective solutions and enhanced equipment longevity.

Infrared Inspections: Track Water Intrusion Sources

Beyond electrical and mechanical issues, our Infrared Imaging tracks water intrusion sources. Identify leaks early, preventing water damage and associated structural issues. Stay ahead with our advanced preventive solutions.

Infrared Inspections: Customized Reporting for Informed Decisions

Expect a customized report with thermographic and visual images, indicating problem areas, impact, and severity. Our Infrared Inspections empower you to make informed decisions for optimal equipment and facility management.

Why Choose Us

Expertise in Diverse Engineering Disciplines

With professionals in civil, structural, and software engineering, we offer integrated expertise, ensuring versatile and tailored solutions for your unique project needs.

Cutting-edge Infrared Technology

Our Infrared Thermography Inspections employ advanced technology, detecting potential failures early, reducing safety risks, and minimizing operational disruptions for enhanced reliability.

Local Insight, Global Excellence

Situated in North Miami, our in-depth understanding of local regulations, codes, and conditions ensures precise solutions, making us your ideal partner for successful project execution.

Why Choose Milton Cubas 1 P.E. LLC

At Milton Cubas 1 P.E. LLC, we transcend conventional engineering firms. Our multidisciplinary team, armed with cutting-edge technology and local insight, delivers tailored solutions across diverse engineering disciplines.

Engineering Solutions in Miami

Unlock innovative Engineering Solutions in Miami with Milton Cubas 1 P.E. LLC. From structural recertification to cutting-edge inspections, we elevate your project with expertise.

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